RED II - Improved support for sustainable aviation fuels needed

Subject: Importance of appropriate support for Sustainable Renewable Aviation Fuels

The European Advanced Biofuels Flightpath ("Flightpath 2020") is a coalition of airlines, technology developers and fuel suppliers1 that promotes the development and production of sustainable renewable fuels for the aviation sector in Europe. The sustainability of renewable aviation fuels is a pre-condition for the public acceptance of their use in air transport.

Even as there are major efforts to develop alternative propulsion technologies, air transport at present and in the foreseeable future must rely on liquid fuels: there is no alternative. The airline industry is committed to reducing its carbon footprint through a variety of measures and actions. A critical factor in achieving these targets is the availability of sustainable renewable jet fuel at competitive conditions in substantial quantities.

You will be aware that the airline industry has successfully completed several trials and regular flights with renewable fuels. Unfortunately, investment in commercial scale production facilities of renewable aviation fuels in the EU has not materialized. The major cause for this lack in investment is that under the present conditions such investment is economically unattractive because renewable fuels for other forms of transport, in particular road transport, can be produced at lower cost, have less burdensome certification requirements and enjoy the benefit of other incentives.

In its proposal for RED II, the Commission recognizes the need to provide a greater incentive to the supply of sustainable fuels to the aviation sector in the shape of a multiplier of 1.22. In our view, a multiplier of 1.2 is insufficient to bridge the cost penalty for producing renewable jet fuel vs road transport fuel. In response, the European Parliament adopted an amendment to raise the multiplier to 2 which would provide a substantial improvement in the competitiveness of sustainable renewable jet fuel vis à vis other renewable fuels. We call on you to accept the amendment of the European Parliament.

Flightpath 2020 fully supports the open letter sent by IATA on the subject, which we attach for your convenience.


Mr. Henrik Erämetsä & Mr. Ruben Alblas
Flightpath 2020 Chairmen

1 Industry members of FlightPath 2020 include Air France/KLM, IAG Group, Lufthansa, Airbus, Neste, Total, Honeywell/UOP, Swedish Biofuels.
2 Article 25, paragraph 1 sub b) of the RED Recast proposal

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